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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Halloween: Yes or No?

Check out what wikipedia has to say about the history of where our present day, commercialized, sugar-bingeing holiday originates. Interesting. Many Christians have banned Halloween from their lives and families and many more have switched to Harvest celebrations. Many don't give it a second thought. The Bible is pretty clear about staying away from evil in favor of good (3 John 1:11 + a thousand more verses besides)

"As Christians, why are we here in this world? Are we here to live in a safe and protected environment, guarded against the evils in the world, or are we called to reach out into a world filled with dangers and be the light of Christ? Halloween brings people of the world to our door step. Halloween brings our neighbors out into the streets. I can think of various creative ways to seize this opportunity for developing new relationships and sharing my faith. Is it possible that our negativity toward Halloween only alienates the people we seek to reach? Can we be in the world, but not of the world?" - taken from (

There are definitely differing opinions on it. Ask the Lord to show you what's right for you.