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Saturday, March 26, 2016

From the Pastor...

Beyond The Sword
Christians are adept at complaining about conditions in the world but continually fail to realize that in one sense we are getting what we deserve.  Because God, in holy justice, by withholding His Presence and power, (because ignored and undesired by much of His Church, and of course detested by the world), is, in His holy justice, allowing an ever increasing judgment-deserving corruption to saturate every level of society.  
In another sense, we are getting less than we deserve; because for most Americans, while God’s long-suffering waits, again it is business as usual, and of course, “Life is Good.”  
It is difficult for the average American Christian to look up and see the Sword of Damocles hanging over our nation while they are focused on a standard of living which is higher than ninety-nine percent of all who have ever lived in the history of humankind.
Beyond the sword of judgment is the abundant grace and mercy of God waiting to be claimed by those who will pay the price of persevering prayer.
How few are willing to heed the Spirit’s call to take time for heartfelt intercession for God's Kingdom to come, for the return of His Presence and power which alone can deliver individuals from the deadening spirit of unbelief in the churches, and inspire a freshly anointed proclamation of His saving truth, which alone can overcome the lying spirits being unleashed in the world.

“Thus saith the Lord the maker of the earth, the Lord that formed it…call unto Me and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.”
Jeremiah 33:3 

God On Their Own Terms
As the Church busies itself in irrelevance, attempting every trick and trend to attract the world, it succeeds mostly in merely rearranging the saints, as they shop and hop from one fellowship, conference, seminar, and concert to another. As someone said, many of today's “successful” mega-ministries are "a mile wide and an inch deep.”  
The largest nationwide study of megachurch attendees, conducted by Leadership Network and Hartford Institute for Religion Research, with 24,900 worshippers interviewed across the United States, found the following.
“The majority of megachurch attenders are not necessarily new to Christianity but nearly a quarter had not recently been to another church….” “Participants interact with the megachurch on their own terms, to meet their individualized needs rather than following some prescribed or idealized plan created by the church’s leadership.”

“Long-term attendance flows from an appreciation for the church’s music/arts, social and community outreach and adult-oriented programs.”

God Rules By Prayer
In the average American church the true glory of God has long since departed. Does anyone even ask why?

In The Weapon of Prayer, E. M. Bounds writes:

"Prayer concerns God, whose purposes and plans are conditioned on prayer. His will and His glory are bound up in praying. The days of God's splendor and renown have always been the great days of prayer. God's great movements in this world have been conditioned on, continued and fashioned by, prayer.... Present, prevailing, conspicuous and mastering prayer has always brought God to be present.... Prayer cannot be retired as a secondary force in this world. To do so is to retire God from the movement. It is to make God secondary.... Prayer is an absolute necessity to the proper carrying on of God's work. God has made it so.... He rules the world just as He rules the Church by prayer.” 

The words of Andrew Murray.  
"Who can say what power the Church could develop and exercise, if it gave itself to the work of prayer day and night for the coming of the Kingdom, for God's power on His servants and His Word, for the glorifying of God in the salvation of souls? They know not that God rules the world by the prayers of His saints…that by prayer the Church on earth has the powers of the heavenly world."

From Pastor's book "Third Millennium Antivirus"

Thursday, March 17, 2016

From The Pastor...

The Pastor And Revival

 “There is more moral persuasion in a good man’s life than in the highest efforts of an orator’s genius.”
    – Thomas Chalmers 
    “A man set on fire is an apostle of his age.  ...Tell me, is your ministry a burning and shining light, or a smoking wick, slowly dying out to ashes?  …It is a strange custom that we should supply a minister with a glass of water; if only we could supply him with a bonfire in the pulpit, a spiritual bonfire.  We need the dynamic of a flaming ministry that will set the church on fire.”
    – Samuel M. Zwemer 
    “Revivals are among the charter rights of the church.  ...A revival means a heartbroken pastor.  A revival means a church on its knees confessing its sins – the sins of the individual and the church – confessing the sins of the times and of the community.”
    – E. M. Bounds 
    Godliness with contentment is great gain, but contentment apart from an obvious sense of God’s presence is a tragedy.  As ministers we must do more than put in time, more than put out fires, more than just get by, more than maintain, more than make a fair show in the flesh, more than hang on until retirement.
    Every pastor has a variety of duties to which he must be faithful.  Chief among these are prayer and the ministry of the Word (Acts 6:4).  But your primary task is your own holiness.  Walking in step with the Spirit is the prerequisite for experiencing the power of God.  As you commune with God, pay attention to your sanctified desires.  “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart” (Psa. 37:4).  When you are filled with the Spirit, the things you want are what God wants.  God gives direction to His servants through holy longings and aspirations. 
Leadership Is Influence
    As an under shepherd, you are not called merely to “wait on your congregation;” you must lead them.  Too often the shepherds are following the sheep instead of the sheep following the shepherd.  It is a serious and awesome obligation to be responsible for a group of people.  Leadership is influence, and people are influenced more by passion than position.
    …Pastor, the best thing you can do to promote revival in your church is to be revived personally.  J. D. Drysdale said, “We accomplish more by our radiations than by our exhortations.”  
    Jonathan Edwards recorded these words as God was preparing him for the great revival of 1739:  “I rode out into the wood and in a retired place dismounted.  There I had a view of the glory of the Son of God – a view which continued for about an hour, which kept me for the greater part in tears.  I felt an urgency of soul to be emptied, to lie at His feet; to be filled with Christ and Christ alone.”  Here was a man possessed with a consciousness of the divine that created within him a strong confidence in the power of God.
    Our mission is to permeate the courts of time with the atmosphere of eternity.  In order for this to happen, we must operate under the potent anointing of the Holy Spirit.  What happens “in” us determines what happens “through” us.
    You may not be a pastor, but he desperately needs prayers and support from his flock.  There is not a more difficult and demanding assignment on earth.  Do ­everything in your power to encourage and assist God’s man.
    Taken from  Revival in Our Time:  Outside the Box – Inside the Book!  by Harold Vaughan.  

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Little Behind Schedule...

Hi Folks,
Sorry we have gotten a little behind on the postings the last few weeks. Our camera broke down and the video tape was stuck inside it. So we were unable to process the sermon for February 21st. We're working on that. We now have a new camera that that is HD, so you should see an improvement in the video quality of future videos. However, because the resolution is higher, it exceeds our weekly data limit on Vimeo for uploading. We're working on that also. We may have to go back to YouTube for a few episodes to get caught up. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, don't worry. Just know that in a few days we will get everything posted and back up to speed. Thank you for your patience!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Capitol Commission

Ratchet up Relationships & Rid Yourself of Religiosity                                                                                                                                                                                 
We exist to proclaim the person and work of Jesus Christ-----modeling His character and conduct in our attitudes and actions and telling people who Jesus is and what He has done. God has placed each of us in locations and situations to bring Him glory. He wants us to radiate His light and His love into our individual spheres of influence. Satan, the deceiver, destroyer, and the god of this world does not want people to have a personal relationship with Jesus and learn of His great love. When we fail to share Him with unbelievers, we unintentionally join Satan in his plan.   Let’s model Jesus by spending so much time with unbelievers in building relationships and telling them of God’s love that we thwart Satan’s plan.
When we are indifferent, judgmental, neglect to reach out and remain silent about our faith, we fit the description of self-absorbed, ineffective Christians.   Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, “Your life as a Christian should make non-believers question their disbelief in God.” Let’s commit to not only study the scriptures, but also put them into practice by sharing the Good News in word and deed with our neighbors.
The scriptures tell us that Jesus was relational, not religious. He loved people, but had little time for those who placed religiosity above entering into a personal relationship with Him. They focused on rituals, traditions and the finer points of the Law but disregarded the spirit of it. As Jesus traveled from village to village, He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind and shared the Good News that God loved them. He spoke truth telling them that He was God, the “I Am” (John 8:58).  He said He and the Father were one (John 10:30).  He told them that He was the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6) and eternal life was found only in Him (Matthew 10:28).
As Jesus looked out over His city, He wept bitterly (Luke 19:41).   Why, because of the tragedy of spiritual indifference & their lost opportunity to experience peace with God and live in His love. God wants all to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth (1Timothy 2:3-4). Let’s give our neighbors the opportunity to experience His amazing love by sharing Jesus with them.
Jesus described the people of the towns He visited as “sheep without a shepherd.” Every day we encounter people that could also be described as “sheep without a shepherd.” Some need you to be present in their lives, not to fix them but to show them that you care: (a clerk at the gas station; a cashier in the grocery store; wait staff at a restaurant, an employee in the next cubicle at work, the lonely person in the nursing home, or the neighbor next door or across the street). Presence is so powerful. They also need to hear the Good News that God loves them, will meet them at their point of need, provide light to drive out the darkness and give them joy on their journey. Sharing the Good News always pushes back the darkness.
Many seem to think our culture is close to spinning out of control because people are fixated on self, have little concern for others and are far from God. Americans age 30 and under who have doubts about God are increasing at an alarming rate. Every day 700 people stop reading God’s Word. Every month as many as 2,700 churches hold their last service, close their doors and erect “For Sale” signs. Barna Research revealed that 80% of evangelicals believe they have a personal responsibility to share their faith, but only 25% have done so in the last 6 months. How about you?
You say, “I want to reach those in my sphere of influence, but I don’t know where to begin.”
Let me give you a Simple 3 Step Plan:
Step 1 - Fulfill The Great Commitment (1Tim 2:1-4)
Faithfully pray that God will bring people across your path for whom He would like you to pray. Then ask Him to open their hearts and guide you in building relationships with them.
Step 2 - Fulfill The Great Commandment (Mark 12:28-31)
Lovingly care for them through phone calls, emails, text messages, cookies, cards, lending a helping hand or a listening ear.
Step 3 - Fulfill The Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20)
Humbly share the Good News with them as the Holy Spirit opens the door for you to do so.
You say, “Okay, I’ll begin to pray for them to open their hearts to the truth of the Gospel, care for them through acts of kindness, but how do I transition from the social to the spiritual; from talking about a basketball game to talking about the game of life? There is an element of fear that holds me back.”
Next month we will answer that question by introducing a way to share your faith with passion and without fear in a most effective and compelling way.
Will you join me in reaching out with the Good News of God’s love to those in your spheres of influence (Matthew 5:13-14)?  Let’s focus on relationships, not on religiosity. God wants people to experience His love and come into a personal relationship with Him. Let’s make ourselves available to be His ambassadors by prayingcaring and sharing.
Dave Dagwell
Assistant to the President