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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

From the Pastor...

Lost: The Worth Of A Soul
Some evangelicals are fond of disparaging times of revival on the basis of a negative reaction in parts of the Church and/or the inevitable eventual loss of some of the positive social effects. This criticism reveals two misconceptions.
A clear understanding of those genuine periodic visitations of God in history reveals that they are granted: First, to restore the spiritual life of the Church and thus deliver it from self-destruction. By all records, the state of the Church in the world preceding the great revivals clearly and consistently indicates a near terminal spiritual condition. These intervening times of spiritual declension were often accompanied by the infection by potentially fatal ideological viruses, ranging from mild skepticism to outright apostasy.  These were not merely negative reactions to times of spiritual blessing but the continuing assault of the powers of darkness.
Second, God’s primary purpose is not to prolong history by preserving man-made institutions. God’s supreme and eternal purpose is still clearly and simply expressed in the ultimate reason He sent His Son into this world.
“For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” Luke 19:10

Only the conscious or unconscious replacement of the New Testament emphasis on eternity, and the loss of awareness of the unspeakable tragedy of individuals being eternally banished from heaven, can explain why anyone would downplay the continuous need for a supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s power upon the people of God.
This casual and widespread acceptance, by Americanized believers, of the replacement and loss of Christ’s clear emphasis on eternity may well expose a deep resistance to facing and renouncing their carnality and “friendship with the world”; the cost of becoming an effective intercessor. (Ref. James 4:4)
The heart-longing for revival is not a matter of wishing for some “good old days” but a God bestowed desire for the reemergence of the felt Presence and power bestowed at that original Christian Pentecost, the return of the Church to prayerful obedience and holiness, and the incalculable gift of eternal life for precious souls.  
During times of genuine “spiritual awakenings” or real heaven-sent “revivals,” with all the excesses and divisiveness, the sanctifying, saving, grace of Christ was seen triumphing in hearts and lives as at no other periods in the history of the Church. Believers who don’t appreciate this, either are ignorant of the documented records or simply have no desire to experience them.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

From the Pastor...

Through the Scriptures, the believer is reminded that the battle is the Lord’s. God draws the believer to action, but in a parental way, He wants us to experience the battle and victory while learning that it is all about devotion, obedience and His Lordship! 

The amazing account in Joshua 5:13 draws the reader to Israel’s beginning steps in acquiring the land promised to them. Joshua, who was the chosen leader of Israel after Moses, carefully makes his way to the very edge of Jericho as he had 40 years earlier. While he is close to the wall of that city, he sees a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword. Now consider, this is more than likely at night and Joshua is alone near the enemy’s wall. What would you do? I would probably hide and watch, but Joshua goes up to this man and essentially confronts him. He asks, “Are you for us or for our enemies?” Do you realize that this statement was essentially Joshua preparing to fight this warrior? The warrior’s reply is our focus of this short devotion. This commander of the Lord’s army, who asks Joshua to take off his sandals for he is standing on holy ground, is none other than a pre-birth appearance of God the Son, Jesus Christ.

The commander called Joshua to worship. The text reveals Joshua’s personal preparation, obedience and devotion, but God was at the wall with a drawn sword already! When you read on you see the unusual way God fought and won the battle of Jericho. How challenging it is for us  to be a Joshua!! Personal preparation, adoration and worship, obedience and devotion are never overstated actions of the believer. May we stand with our Lord listening to His commands to advance in His way! 

Brad Harbaugh
Capitol Commission North Carolina