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Friday, April 13, 2018

From the Pastor...

What is the meaning of life? There are many answers to this question. It means power, possessions, honor, progress, culture, ect. That is not the true answer. If that is all life means then our answer is no answer at all, because surely all these things end in nothing. The true answer is that the meaning of this life is eternal life. Such is its seriousness.

The word of God is the message of eternal life. Jesus Christ came to show us eternal life and to bestow it upon us. Real life begins with faith in Christ.
- Emil Brunner

1. Grace - God accepts me as I am.
2. Faith - I accept the fact that he accepts me.
3. Peace - I accept myself.
4. Love - I accept you.
5. Fellowship - You accept me.
- Adrian Brown

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